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Marketing Analytics

Marketing Intelligence through Google Analytics

How well do you know yourself? Businesses are like people. Know yourself, and you’ll be better. Google Analytics is your guide.

  • 01 define goals

    What is your purpose as a business? Can you measure it with data? Defining your goals is the place to start.


    Once your business goals are set, create reports that help you navigate to success, and away from failure.

  • 03 Discuss the Present

    Today is your baseline. When you understand what is happening today through marketing analytics, you can affect meaningful change in the future.

  • 04 Plan for the Future

    Once you have your baseline, and your business goals, get together and plan a path to a better future using Google Analytics data.

  • 05 Learn and Grow

    As time goes on, use marketing analytics every week to chart successes, learn how your customers behave, and make tweaks to your website to better serve your tribe.

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